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Zedd Dubs Diplo ‘Jealous Little B*tch’ for M&Ms Ad Hate

Diplo and Zedd have never exactly been on friendly terms, but Zedd’s recent M&Ms advertisement has added fuel to the fire. Zedd’s new song “Candyman,” a collaboration with Aloe Blacc, sparked Diplo to speak up on Zedd’s career move.

Zedd didn’t take kindly to the remark, responding with a sassy tweet of his own. 

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Diplo shot back, “Don’t be such a pompous cornball loser also I f***ed your girl.” Though it’s not clear which girl Diplo was talking about, Zedd’s most high profile relationship was with singer Selena Gomez. Diplo had previously stated that the duo’s relationship was simply a publicity stunt.

Zedd Selena Gomez Diplo

Publicity stunt or true love? Selena Gomez and Zedd dated in 2015.

Never one to pass up some Twitter drama, deadmau5 got himself involved by siding with Zedd. Deadmau5 fired off a sarcastic remark about Diplo’s collaboration with Justin Bieber.  The artist responded to Diplo’s comment about it not being all about cash by saying, “Unless it’s a Bieber collab…coz that’s in no way about money.”

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Diplo of course took offense, responding, “Joel why are u so obsessed with Justin’s wiener? I can introduce you if you want?”

The video that sparked so much controversy features some vintage M&M ads intertwined with their new CG counterparts, who are working to create a new hit song. Blacc and Zedd enter and offer the struggling M&Ms some help.

Who would have guessed a simple video for some happy chocolate candies would fuel such a feud?

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