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Will the Chainsmokers Release an Album? It’s Up to the Fans!

It’s kind of shocking to realize that the Chainsmokers, despite their insane popularity, haven’t released a single album. Sure, they’ve had a couple EPs, but nothing full-length yet. So is an album in the future?

According to their Twitter account, they seem pretty lackluster about creating one, but if the fans want it badly enough, they are willing to comply.

This whole situation got us thinking–is it even worth it for artists to put out albums nowadays? In the age of streaming, it seems most people listen to whatever songs they feel like, rather than a full album in sequential order.

Plus, the RIAA counts song streams towards sales now anyway. Combined with the fact that people no longer have to go to the store to buy a whole album if they want to listen to one single song (instead, they can stream it or purchase just that song on iTunes), it makes it pretty easy for artists to have success without full-length albums.

Case in point: the Chainsmokers’ song “Closer” just went platinum.

We suggest the Chainsmokers keep doing whatever they feel like doing, because it’s clearly working for them.

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