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Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Debut New Song ‘Get Lit’

It must be true that everyone is trying their hand at EDM these days. Will Smith is the latest artist to venture into the electronic airwaves.

Will Smith isn’t the type of guy to casually slide a new song out into the world under a pseudonym or something like that. On the contrary–he went straight for the live debut of his newest track.

Smith was performing with DJ Jazzy Jeff at Livewire Festival in England over the weekend. He performed a bunch of hits, but what got fans really excited was his new song “Get Lit.”

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WIll Smith and Jazzy Jeff have been collaborating for decades now.

Before launching into “Get Lit,” Smith addressed the crowd about what inspired them to make the single. He said it was born out of the “chaos and confusion” happening in the world at the moment.

He added, “I wanted to make a song that allowed people to let their light shine. We all have an inner light and sometimes this world…people can say stuff to you and tell you you can’t do and you know you can, but when they tell you that it kinda knocks you down a bit, right? So I wanted to make a record that reminded each and every one of y’all to let your light shine.”

Did he say “make a record?” Why, yes, he did! He and DJ Jazzy Jeff have evidently been working on a completely new record in addition to the new song.

Watch Will Smith’s new collaboration “Get Lit” here:


It’s not totally surprising that Will Smith would test these waters. In fact, he previously started ollaborating with Jazzy Jeff in 1998 on their song “Lovely Daze.” From there, they went on to make hits like “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It,” “Men In Black” and “Miami.”

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