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Which Genre Does AraabMuzik Think EDM Came From?

House and electronic music has been around for ages now, and it tends to hold down the fort as its own genre. Though it’s easy to think of it as a standalone thing, all music evolves from somewhere. According to AraabMuzik, EDM owes its creation to hip-hop.

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In a recent interview with HipHopDX, AraabMuzik started out talking about how the energies between EDM live shows and hip-hop performances is largely the same.

“It comes from the hip hop world,” the producer, whose real name is Abraham Orellana, said. “When I get on stage, it’s nothing that I do beforehand pretty much. I just do what I do and I put all my energy and go off the crowd. It’s based on crowd control and everything.”


AraabMuzik got his start producing hip-hop albums, and says EDM owes a lot to that genre.

“EDM basically came from hip-hop. They have the same BPMs, style of drum patterns and everything like that. You could say that it’s a mash of both. It’s basically hip hop beats with electronic stuff layered over it,” he began.

“They both kind of go hand in hand,” the producer added. “You can blend an EDM song with a hip-hop track like nothing.”

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