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What the Heck is Post-EDM?

The phrase “the EDM bubble has burst” has been popping up everywhere. Steve Aoki said it when talking about the Las Vegas music scene. We’ve even talked about it in our own updates. Thanks to a really interesting article on Thump, we’re getting a better idea of what it means to be moving in a post-EDM direction.

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Is Steve Aoki going to move on to “post-EDM?”

The author first noticed the term in 2014, but just now is it picking up steam with playlists and such being dedicated to it on Spotify. A-Trak apparently posted a rant about it on Facebook saying, “Sometimes, an initial wave of flashy music can knock down the doors and more interesting music can come after.

After the initial gateway drug of hands-in-the-air anthems, I’m seeing more and more kids getting interested in good, nuanced, forward thinking music,” A-Trak added. He then questioned, “Are we entering a post-EDM chapter?”

The article goes on to describe several artists who are defining themselves as “post-EDM” as including more live instrumentation than just digital beats. Some of these artists include Crywolf, Rudimental and Grabbitz.


In an interview with Grabbitz, he talked about what pulled him towards post-EDM. “Post-EDM is not a genre, it’s a time period. It’s a musical response from musicians who’ve been involved with or influenced by EDM that are breaking out of it for one reason or another,” he said. “For me, it’s about being more expressive. I can’t be emo enough through electronic production alone.”

Is it true that EDM doesn’t always cater to expressiveness? As instrumental musicians ourselves, we definitely feel that sense of letting go when performing for a crowd or even for ourselves. But who’s to say that’s not something DJs can experience as well as they craft their works?

Innovation is always a good thing, and we’re happy to see that many EDM artists are continuing to evolve and explore new ways of expressing themselves. If that means straying away from the established territory into an unknown zone, let’s give it a chance.

Source: Thump

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