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Our Top 10 Pet Peeves With EDM and EDM Festivals!

We love EDM. If we didn’t we would have an entire site dedicated to the most exciting musical movement on the planet. In fact, there are a million things to LOVE about EDM.

However, there are a few things there are getting on our nerves lately. Check out out Top 10 pet peeves!

1. Being told to “put my f’ing hands up” or “get low”
Look, let’s not crouch down on the ground with all the garbage. How many times must you tell the crowd to “put your hands up”. It’s so over-done.

put your hands up edm in stereo

2. Counting down to jump
Really, are we toddlers? Do you know when to jump? Let’s do a countdown! “1, 2, 3, JUMP!” gets over-used at almost every EDM festival and the hype should be over! Not every drop needs the crowd to jump.

3. Hearing songs remixed to death
Lean On by DJ Snake and Where Are U Now by Skrillex and Bieber are over remixed.

4. Hearing the same song played over and over
It’s almost as if the DJs talk behind the scenes when they play back to back: “I’m playing Reload, you should totally play it too”. Come on, guys. It’s time to retire Reload.

5. Not being able to understand what the DJ is saying
Turn the bass down. We can’t hear you in the back!

6. No personal space bubble
Let’s dance and have fun, with do it in your own space. Granted, if you’re looking for a more low-key experience, head to the back! That’s where you make friends and have more space to dance.

edm most annoying edm in stereo

7. Genre snobs
People who think their favorite genre of electronic music is superior to all others and everything else sucks the fun out of the whole experience. Everyone has different tastes, but don’t go hating on others! You like minimalistic techno? Go ahead! But it’s okay to like the mainstage acts too! Where’s the PLUR here?

8. Too much bass-only drops
A good bass drop is awesome; a pounding kick that is sometime unexpected (or expected) is enough to rally the crowd. Having no music for 30 seconds except for booming bass isn’t exactly great listening.

9. Artists changing their music to become more mainstream/Top 40 worthy
Artists change their style and go through phases. Some change their music to make it more meaningful, like Porter Robinson. Some artists (like Avicii) have started to abandon their old styles to make music for the sole purpose of getting on the radio. That’s not cool.

avicii- red edm in stereo

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