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Watch: The Chainsmokers Tease Chris Martin Collaboration & It’s GORGEOUS

We knew the Chainsmokers were hitting the big leagues, but WOW! This is a massive stride forward for them. The production duo has a song in the works that will feature none other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

The Chainsmokers shared a couple videos of themselves rockin’ out to some new piano jams. The first clip shows Martin singing along while Andrew Taggart (one half of the Chainsmokers, along with Alex Pall) plays the keys.

It’s short, but we like what we’re hearing. The second clip has more of the piano along with Pall mouthing what we’re all thinking: “Oh my god!”

Though the duo has worked with big artists before, including Daya, Rozes and most recently, Halsey, Chris Martin is by far the biggest superstar they’ve collaborated with so far.

It’s also just a really interesting combination of artists. Coldplay’s works overall probably appeal to a wider audience than the Chainsmokers do (aside from hits like “Closer” and “#Selfie” that end up all over the radio), so is this the Chainsmokers’ way of gaining a more mainstream audience?

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