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Watch: Skrillex Aids Adorable Marriage Proposal at Fiji’s Your Paradise Festival

Leave it to the lovely world of EDM to help facilitate a marriage proposal. At a recent Skrillex show, it was all about the “L” in PLUR as the producer helped a fan propose to his girlfriend on stage.

Skrillex was playing a show at as part of the Your Paradise Festival in Fiji when he paused his set to make a very special announcement.

“It’s a special time for special people…make some noise if you brought someone you love tonight,” he began. That’s when pointed out a fan who had come up to the stage. “I got a friend with me right here, a special friend with me right here,” Skrillex added.

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Skrillex played Cupid.

The young man named Malcolm then introduced himself before his girlfriend Jess was called to the stage. The crowd apparently sensed where this was going because they started adding to the excitement by enthusiastically calling her name. Malcolm helped Jess up onto the stage, and that’s when things got really real.

Skrillex shushed everybody as Malcolm got down on one knee to pop the question. After a moment of excited laughter, Jess grabbed Malcolm in a big hug. Of course she said yes (how could you say no to that?)! As a grand finale to the event, Skrillex had them crowdsurf away from the stage in celebration.

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The video is very worth a watch, especially if you have a soft spot for marriage proposals. Or EDM. Or Skrillex. Basically if you have a heart, you should watch this:


Now the only question is–how will any of the shows they go to later ever live up to this one? Maybe Malcolm and Jess need to have an EDM themed wedding to see if they can top the party at the proposal.

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