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Watch: Marshmello Debuts Graduation Video ‘Moving On’

It’s that time of year–graduation ceremonies are popping up everywhere. Marshmello must have been feeling left out because his latest music video features him donning a graduation cap on top of that big marshmallow head.

The producer just released a music video for the track “Moving On.” Visually it follows his usual hilarious style. But to be truthful, everything looks funnier in a marshmallow helmet. It shows Marshmello getting his picture taken with a diploma, signing yearbooks and doing all the usual stuff seniors in high school do.

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The song itself actually debuted two years ago. It’s a musically fun song that’s pretty typical for Marshmello’s usual sound. People must be digging it, because it’s already raked in almost two million views on YouTube.

You know you want to see Marshmello’s “Moving On” for yourself. Watch it here now:


Congratulations to anyone and everyone who is celebrating graduation this year!

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