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Watch: Is the 1st EDM TED Talk Insanely Awesome or Just Insane?

EDM has a notoriously positive vibes. So do TED Talks. Match made in heaven? We think so!

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These guys doing a TED Talk is bound to be a good idea.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with TED Talks, they are basically conferences that are filmed and then put online for the whole world to watch. Though they started out focused on the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the name “TED”), they’ve broadened their scope quite a bit to include pretty much everything under the sun.

However, the unifying factor is that the speakers are limited to just 18 minutes and are challenged to show off their ideas in the most exciting ways possible. Since they first launched, they’ve had speakers like Jane Goodall, Ken Robinson, Al Gore, Bono and Larry Page.

EDM Ted Talk EDMInStereo.com

TED Talks have become insanely popular.

And TED Talks are massively popular. They’ve got over 2,400 videos available for free online, and by 2012 had over one billion views.

Even cooler is the fact that there’s an EDM themed talk with band Con Bro Chill. The band, made up of members Connor Martin, Sam Martin, Steve Felts and Ty Andre, is based out of Portland Oregon, where they held the conference that has now become the first EDM TED Talk.

The quartet starts the conference by wheeling out on hoverboards, with Connor stating that since the beginning of time, “mankind has wanted to do one thing…party.” He then gives a bit of a definition of what partying means before the party really gets started.

Soon, there are mirrored jockstraps, keytars and neon in abundance as everybody starts getting wild. See for yourself:


We’ve got to say, as much as we love watching nearly 15 minutes of dance partying happening, we wish Con Bro Chill would have delved a little bit more into their whole philosophy on loving life. Then again, perhaps the best way to demonstrate this philosophy is by living it onstage in front of everyone.

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