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Watch: DJ Khaled Gives Worst Set Ever at EDC

There are bad sets–like when an artist just happens to be having an off day–and then there are bad sets. DJ Khaled‘s gig at Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend definitely fell into the latter camp.

Khaled was supposed to perform an hour long set, but instead he only made it 20 minutes before getting booed off the stage. Fans who witnessed the disaster said he basically spent the entire time rapidly switching between other people’s songs and shouting into the microphone.

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella tried to defend DJ Khaled by saying there were technical issues. “He arrived on time and ready to rock the crowd, but equipment issues delayed the performance,” Rotella said. “Even though there were technical difficulties, he still got on stage and showed his fans love.”

Khaled also put the blame on others in his Instagram posts about the fiasco.

These arguments would be a lot more convincing if he hadn’t just bombed his Coachella set as well. Yikes.

Check out his performance here (if you dare):


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