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Verizon’s EDM Musical Series ‘Pulse’ To Star Katie Findlay

Have you ever been torn between listening to the latest Zedd song or jamming out to the Wicked soundtrack? Verizon knows your pain. The company is going to cure that conundrum, however, with the first ever EDM musical Pulse.

Katie Findlay Pulse Verizon EDM Musical EDMInStereo.com

‘Pulse’ will delve deep into the underbelly of German EDM.

Pulse will premiere on Verizon’s go90 this fall as a short-form series consisting of 12 episodes. Go90 offers live and on demand videos via its mobile app, as well as allowing users to “Cut & Share” their favorite clips via social media and follow their must-watch shows.

Production notes give us a glimpse at the plot of the upcoming musical extravaganza: “Pulse follows a group of American expatriates living in Berlin who find themselves immersed in the city’s vibrant, kinetic dance scene. The series tracks one year of the characters’ lives telling the story as a lush and provocative EDM musical.”

Katie Findlay (How To Get Away With Murder) will star as Cooper, an up-and-coming musician on the hunt for her missing friend.

Katie Findlay Pulse Verizon EDM Musical EDMInStereo.com

Katie Findlay shows off her edgy side as Rebecca on ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’

The production notes continue, “Cooper travels to Berlin looking for answers about her friend’s disappearance, but finds herself quickly drawn into the seductive club scene he was involved in–a crowd where music is everything and sex and drugs are as vital as water.”

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