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UPDATE: Avicii Releasing 2 EPs Instead of 1

Late last week, Avicii posted a teaser on Instagram that seemed to reveal some new song titles. But leave it to Reddit to dig up some additional information!

Avicii 2 EPs EDMInStereo.com

Not one, but TWO!

In an Avicii-specific subreddit, a user posted some further details about the producer’s plans. Supposedly, he has a 2-part EP release coming. The first EP, titled Lord, will feature the songs listed on his Instagram post. The first EP is supposed to be released on September 8th. The second should follow shortly after in October.

Unfortunately, the account that posted the news has since been deleted. However, this picture made it through the scrub:

Avicii 2 EPs EDMInStereo.com


Read more to hear his teaser from last week:

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