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Ultra Music Festival Miami Has WAY Fewer Arrests in 2017

There’s been a big trend lately of EDM festivals causing lots of trouble. Whether it’s noise complaints or arrests, a lot of events have been getting a bad name. Luckily, Ultra Music Festival Miami has turned that around.

Taking place in Miami, Florida, over the weekend, Ultra Music Festival was three days of chaos and fun. Of course, there were still a few mishaps. Ultra Music Festival Miami was home to 35 arrests throughout the event. However, that’s a 50 percent drop from last year. Not only that, but arrests in general have been declining since 2013.

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Always fun, not always safe.

Miami police Lieutenant Freddie Cruz was optimistic about Ultra Music Festival. “Education, cooperation and everybody is maturing,” he said.

Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll agreed: “This year people were definitely following advice.”

In addition to the arrests, 59 people were taken from Ultra Music Festival Miami to hospitals. Most of those incidents were due to drug use. However, this is still down from 2014. In fact, 2014 was a huge turning point for the festival. Now you have to be over 18 to attend, and the festival added amnesty boxes where you can drop drugs and alcohol without punishment.

The 2014 Changes

In 2014, a security guard named Ericka Mack nearly died at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. A group of people knocked down a gate and trampled her. She wound up suffering from brain hemorrhaging and won a $10 million lawsuit against Ultra Music Festival and the city of Miami.


This tragic event is what prompted a lot of the changes. Thankfully, after this year’s show, it seems like the changes are working pretty well. Of course, there’s always more that could be done, but things are heading in the right direction for Ultra Music Festival Miami.

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