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Ultra Music Festival 2016: Insane Highs and Lows

Arcadia Spider Ultra Music Festival

Check out the full video of the Arcadia Spider below!

Braving both heat and rain, EDM fans rejoiced at 2016’s Ultra Music Festival, which took place this past weekend in Miami. Along with some amazing performances and killer theatrics, however, came some seedy moments as well. Check out the highs and lows of 2016’s Ultra Music Festival.


    • Dash Berlin‘s crowd-pleasing performance on Day 1 of Ultra started the festival off with a kick, celebrating party life in Miami.
    • The Arcadia spider blew people’s minds as it came to life. Not only did it spit fire, it expanded to to showcase aerial performers. The spider also knew how to attack–ravers were nabbed and swept into the air by aliens before being returned to earth.

    • Wave Racer‘s psychadelic show featured mind-bending images of flying cars and rainbow dolphins, boosting the crowd’s energy into a frenzy.
    • Peaches treated her small crowd to a big performance by jumping into the crowd and dowsing people with champagne. The artist made the best of performing on the Live Stage, which often has a smaller audience, by giving her fans a show to remember.
Peaches Ultra Music Festival Miami

Peaches Does Herself: The artist didn’t let a small crowd stop her.

  • Deadmau5 kept his promise of incorporating some metal into his set by playing Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.”


  • The Prodigy pulled a last-minute cancellation. It wasn’t the group’s fault, however. Maxim was unable to travel due to health issues.
  • University of Miami student Adam Levine died after the first day of the festival. Reportedly, Levine passed away due to complications from a seizure. Additional details have not been released.
  • Felony arrests increased nearly 50% from last year, though overall arrests were down. There were 67 arrests total, with 29 of those being felony arrests. Most of the arrests were for possession of MDMA or operating a business without a license.

-EDM In Stereo Staff

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