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Top DJs of 2016…Based on All Your Social Media Interactions?

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list has become increasingly controversial. From certain people demanding votes from their fans to being basically a teenage popularity contest, it’s not very reputable. However, 1001Tracklist came up with a new way to rank the top DJs and Producers.

Unfortunately, their new way is a little creepy. They tracked reposts, likes and all sorts of social media interactions to figure out who had the biggest influence of 2016. Whether you knew it or not, all your personal preferences and comments online played into this list.

Skrillex Top DJs EDMInStereo.com

Is Skrillex a social media king or truly one of the top DJs?

Essentially, the 1001Tracklist doesn’t necessarily follow the best DJs of the year. Instead, it’s the ones who had the biggest social presence. We can’t help but wonder if this is accurate. What if somebody posted a comment on a DJs new release about how much they hated it? Would that count as a positive for this list?

Whatever way you choose to look at it, the list does have some interesting results. Some DJs quite predictably did well, while others ranked lower than expected.

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