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TONIGHT: Flume Takes On Legendary Venue Red Rocks

The history-steeped venue Red Rocks in Colorado has been host to some of the greatest acts of all time, including the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Now, Flume will join those legends on stage tonight.

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Red Rocks has naturally good acoustics.

Red Rocks is known for being not only gorgeous (it gets it’s name from the rocks that surround the amphitheater), but for having stellar acoustics. Given that Flume’s second studio album Skin was released earlier this year and has subtle moments worthy of extreme clarity, it’s the perfect venue to show off Flume’s talents.

However, some artists haven’t always found the venue to be so perfect. As reported by YourEDM.com, Red Rocks was forced to lower its volume levels thanks to complaining town members, and that didn’t sit well with Bassnectar last year. Bassnectar had frequently played the venue, and accused Red Rocks of lowering their decibel levels yet again.

On Twitter, he posted some scathing accusations:

Read more to see how Red Rocks’ snarky response:
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