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Tomorrowland Takes Over TWO Weekends in 2017 with Double the Music

Anybody who thinks the EDM bubble has burst only needs to look at the expansions of popular festivals like Tomorrowland to throw that idea into doubt. One of the most popular festivals in the world has just revealed that instead of just one weekend, they’ll be spreading the love across two weekends in 2017.

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The Belgian festival already attempted to expand in 2014, but the following year they had to squeeze things back down to one weekend. However, after receiving permission from the government, they announced earlier this week that they will once again be making things bigger and better than ever.

“People of Tomorrow,” the Tomorrowland website’s post began, “Tomorrowland is delighted to announce it received the permission from the city of Boom and Rumst to start all preparations to organize 2 festival weekends in the summer of 2017.”

They went on to announce that the dates will be July 21 through 23 and July 28 through 30, 2017. Furthermore, they’ll have more details available by the end of the year.

Lucky for us, they aren’t the only festival that will be growing in the coming year. Electric Forest also announced they’d be taking up two weekends in 2017.

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Of course, back to back weekends at both festivals means the attendance at each will be higher. Tomorrowland is expecting to host a whopping 360,000 people next year.


While it might be great that more and more people can take part in some of the best festivals around, it may also cause the festivals to lose a little of their specialness. As one weekend, they were one-off events that we waited a whole year for and felt a sense of pride for getting to be there for the magic. With two weekends, will the weekends feel like two different events or still have the magic and inclusiveness of a unique experience?

These are just some passing wonders–in reality, the more EDM we can get, the better.

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