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Tomorrowland Brasil Canceled for 2016, Another Blow for Festivals

There hasn’t been a lot of good news for fans of the various Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld installments lately, and unfortunately things only keep getting worse. Just after a seeming confirmation that TomorrowWorld would not be taking place in 2017, Tomorrowland Brasil revealed they’d not be returning, either.

Tomorrowland Brasil EDMInStereo.com

No! We’re not ready to say goodbye!

The festival, which brought all the fun of Belgium’s Tomorrowland to Brazil, has been greatly affected by the political and economic state of the country at the moment. Earlier this year, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was impeached, and there’s been loads of instability throughout the country both politically and economically.

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Not to mention, the company that puts on Tomorrowland Brasil, called ID&T, is owned by SFX Entertainment, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Needless to say, not much has been working in Tomorrowland Brasil’s favor.

Tomorrowland Brasil EDMInStereo.com

We hardly knew you, Tomorrowland Brasil.

The Brazilian festival had only been around for two years prior to this, but some reports suggest they’ll try to make a comeback in 2018.

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