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Tommie Sunshine Joins Red Bull for Gritty EDM Docuseries

Can you imagine a world without EDM? It would be pretty awful, but EDM had to start somewhere. Tommie Sunshine has seen it all–from clubs kicking things off in the mid-1980s to present day festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival.

Thanks to his extensive expertise into the changing atmosphere of dance music, Sunshine was able to host a 9-episode documentary series titled After The Raves. Every episode dropped on Red Bull‘s streaming service earlier this month.

Tommie Sunshine Redbull Krewella  After the Raves EDMInStereo.com

Tommie Sunshine gets into the nitty gritty with Krewella in the new docuseries.

The long-time artist took this opportunity to preserve some of what he had witnessed.

“I never thought this was gonna turn into something that would get almost 500,000 people onto a racetrack in Las Vegas,” he said. “To watch it turn into something so spectacular and to be a part of it, and now to be able to participate in spreading the word about the state of the culture and the history of the culture is a really beautiful thing.”

To him, no other documentary series had really captured the aesthetics of the culture.

“Usually you see someone who’s got f**k-all to do with EDM asking real banal questions to someone who’s an expert,” he griped.

Tommie Sunshine Redbull Fatboy Slim After the Raves EDMInStereo.com

Tommie Sunshine hangs with Fatboy Slim at his studio.

The project had long been in the works, but Tommie Sunshine wanted to make sure he would be delivering After The Raves into the right hands.

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