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Tim Robbins’ EDM Mockumentary ‘Ultimate Ultimate’ Is Totally Hilarious

We love EDM (obviously), but even we can admit there are some parts of the culture that are pretty darn funny. That’s why we’re digging actor Tim Robbins‘ newest mockumentary, Ultimate Ultimate.

The series premiered in five parts on Funny or Die. Ultimate Ultimate follows three wannabe DJ acts, which includes a duo of frat bro types, a high school teacher and DJ Sparkle, a 10-year-old girl who is way into EDM. All of these outfits try to become the World DJ Champion.

Tim Robbins Ultimate Ultimate EDMInStereo.com

DJ Sparkle doing her thing.

There’s definitely a similarity to Dillon Francis’ DJ World. But who can fault people for wanting a few laughs? The electronic music world has a lot of interesting characters in it. If we’re honest, they are perfect for making fun of.

Tim Robbins (known for acting in The Shawshank Redemption) teamed up with his son Jack Henry Robbins to bring the laughs. “I have no objection to people using electronic sounds in music at all,” he said. “But I’m with Jack. I think people who are just button-pushers are ripe for satire.”

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Why? “Because it is just pushing a button! And it’s okay if that makes people dance,” he said. “But when you take yourself incredibly seriously as an artist when that is all you do, then I think you need to be satirized.”

Tim Robbins Ultimate Ultimate EDMInStereo.com

Ready to rock.

Couldn’t agree more! Thankfully, many of our favorite artists like deadmau5 and Diplo put a bit more thought than that into their songs.

Tim’s son Jack chimed in. “I love electronic music. And so do the characters of Ultimate Ultimate. When I developed the series, I wanted to show heart and love for electronic music as well as satire. But I think all things that become huge need a gut check. Nothing is untouchable in comedy.”

Watch the full series here.

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