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This MIDI Unicorn is Sheer Magic

Unicorns are obviously very magical, but who knew they would be great for EDM?

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On the left: inspiration. On the right: magic.

Okay, some explanation is necessary here. Unicorns obviously don’t exist (sorry to disappoint you). But their images are magical, fun and would fit right in with the rave scene.

One clever YouTuber named Andrew Huang found out how to incorporate unicorns into his music. Using Ableton, a software that lets you manipulate MIDI notes amongst other things, he created something mystical.

Here’s what he did: he drew a unicorn in Ableton. He pressed play. Magic happened.

Watch it here:

Oddly enough, it sounds pretty good, albeit more like a Bach piece than a rockin’ banger.

He shared the video on Twitter, and his followers (and many more) obviously loved it. At the time of writing this, its been shared almost 125,000 times on Twitter alone.

Huang also posted a YouTube video online explaining his creation process. He was inspired by Savant, who has done similar drawing-based videos. To create the unicorn, he edited a drawing down to basic lines and printed it on a sheet of transparency paper. He then held it over his computer screen, which allowed him to trace it in Ableton.

Read more to see how he did it:

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