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The Chainsmokers Ordered to Pay Royalties to the Fray for ‘Closer’–Seriously

Is it just us, or are these copyright suits getting a little tedious? Either artists need to stop copying other artists, or the stretched comparisons to former works need to stop. The latest victim of these suits in the EDM world are the Chainsmokers, who supposedly copied a song by the Fray.

According to a judge, the melody of the Chainsmokers’ newest hit song “Closer” is too close the Fray’s song “Over My Head (Cable Car).” As a result, the Chainsmokers had to give the Fray a writing credit on the song and even pay them royalties.

We know you can all sing the song by heart at this point, but here’s “Closer” for anyone who needs a refresher:


Now here’s the Fray’s “Over My Head (Cable Car)”:


Do you think they sound too similar? Personally, it seems to us like they are grasping at straws a bit here. How many songs feature a melody with smooth male vocals and a fairly simple rhythm?

Of course, this comes in the wake of a court’s decision to make Robin Thicke and Pharrell pay $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye‘s family for allegedly copying the song “Got to Give it Up” in their hit “Blurred Lines.”

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“Closer” just went platinum, so the Chainsmokers are probably celebrating anyway.

However, that decision is on appeal, with over 200 other musicians joining in to protest the result of the case. Artists ranging from film composer Hans Zimmer to rock artists like Tool agree that the decision would stifle a lot of creativity in the music industry, and essentially disallow musicians to even be inspired by anyone else.

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Music can’t be created in a vacuum. Not that stealing from people who came before is okay, but being inspired is a whole different story. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tricky to draw that line in the sand.

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