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The Chainsmokers Hit #1 On Shazam Charts, Beating Drake & Justin Timberlake

Where would the world be without Shazam? Now when everyone is jamming out to a song at the bar and you’re too embarrassed to ask who the artist is for fear of (gasp) seeming out of the loop, a tap of a smartphone button can reveal everything you need to know.

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Oh, Shazam? We thought you said Kazaam!

Or perhaps you found yourself in the back of an uber on the way to the airport, and your driver is rocking out to some killer tunes. But it’s 5:30 in the morning and you really don’t feel like sparking a conversation by asking about the music, so Shazam once again comes to your aid.

Whatever the predicament, we can all agree that Shazam is turning into an invaluable asset. It’s popularity has also allowed it to gather some interesting data on what users are really listening to.

Rather than measuring how many albums were purchased or how many streams a single track has gotten, Shazam instead keeps track of what songs spark people’s curiosity, and the amount of times people want to find out who’s responsible for a given track that they are listening to in that moment.

@thechainsmokers are #1 on the @shazam ???????? Charts! #TheChainsmokers

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With that being said, The Chainsmokers must be pleased as punch right now, because their song “Don’t Let Me Down” is sitting pretty at the number one spot on Shazam’s U.S. charts.

They even beat out artists like Drake, Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Kent Jones and Mike Posner.

Take a listen to The Chainsmokers’ track here:

“Don’t Let Me Down” was officially released in February, but it’s gearing up to be the perfect summer anthem. Maybe it will become the new “#SELFIE?”

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