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The Chainsmokers & Halsey Have a New HOT Video – Watch HERE

UPDATE: The Chainsmokers have two items of big news today. First, their EP has a release date! It will be here on (drumroll, please) November 4, 2016. It’s also got a name now, Collage!

But that wasn’t our second piece of good news. We’re just lumping that in with the EP release date. The real other item of note is that there’s now an official music video for “Closer” with Halsey. It’s pretty steamy and make-out heavy, so we’re sure they had no problem shooting it. See for yourself:

Read more to get the scoop on the Chainsmokers’ feud with Halsey:

Today is the day when the Chainsmokers‘ mysterious countdown timer ends, and it seems some people have already figured out what the big secret is!

The Chainsmokers EP EDMInStereo.com

The pair behind “Closer” has been up to no good.

The duo, made up of members Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, have revealed that they are going to be releasing a new EP. So far, it’s untitled, but it will be a follow up to last year’s EP Bouquet.

Unfortunately, their good news was marred by some rather unseemly behavior. Halsey, whom the Chainsmokers recently worked with on their hit song “Closer,” tweeted her love of Lady Gaga, and a fan reminder her that the Chainsmokers previously said they hated her new song.

“What does that have anything to do with me?” Halsey replied. That’s when a tweet came from Drew Taggart’s account saying, “f*** you bald b*tch.”

The Chainsmokers EP EDMInStereo.com

The tweet has since been deleted, but fans have been pretty offended by the whole situation. Taggart is claiming it was a fake, but it seems a little weird that someone would hack into his account just to post that one tweet.

Let’s face it, the Chainsmokers haven’t exactly been known for their gentlemanly behavior or comments. Hopefully their new EP is enough to help get them back in fans’ good graces.

Read more to get the story on their countdown tease:
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