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Deadmau5’s New Album is Failing on Billboard Charts

Deadmau5 EDMInStereo.com

It appears deadmau5‘s lack of enthusiasm for his new album W:/2016ALBUM/ was actually rather well-founded. Either that or he talked it down so much that no one wanted to listen to it. Whatever happened, it’s not looking good on the charts. Although it debuted at number one on the dance/electronic charts, deadmau5’s W:/2016ALBUM had the lowest position on the overall ...

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Deadmau5 Hates His New Album Due Out in December

Deadmau5 New Album EDMInStereo.com

It’s not like deadmau5 to do anything besides tell the truth, and that principle holds true even when it comes to his own works. He’s got a brand new album coming out in December, but it doesn’t sound like the producer is too happy with how it turned out. He first announced he’d be working on the album W:/2016ALBUM/ on ...

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Deadmau5 Reveals New Album in String of Oddly Funny Tweets

Deadmau5 new album EDMInStereo.com

Ever the teaser, deadmau5 has a new album coming out soon, and he made the big reveal about the title and date through some low-key comments on Twitter. In fact, he was so casual about it that it seemed like he might be just making stuff up, but his later tweets continued with the info. First things first, it’s going ...

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