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8 Best Tomorrowland Photos: We’re SO Jealous of the Bud Light Ticket Winners

Tomorrowland Bud Light EDMInStereo.com

One of the biggest EDM festivals in the game, Tomorrowland never fails to amaze. When Bud Light Canada gave out tickets to the event, we were insanely jealous of the winners (but realistically, their dance moves were pretty killer–they earned it!). SFX’s bankruptcy earlier this year made people question the fate of the festival, but thankfully the $300 million debt of ...

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Best Tomorrowland Photos from Artists & Fans: Tiesto, Martin Garrix & More!

Tomorrowland EDMInStereo.com

One of the biggest EDM festivals in the game, Tomorrowland never fails to amaze. The festival has been taking place in Belgium since its launch in 2005, and each year it gets better and better. SFX’s bankruptcy earlier this year made people question the fate of the festival, but thankfully the $300 million debt of the promotional company didn’t impact ...

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Download: Tiesto’s Headlining Tomorrowland Track is Available Early!

Tomorrowland Tiesto Jauz EDMInStereo.com

At first it seemed like Budweiser’s Tomorrowland ticket giveaway was just a gimmick, but not that they’ve backed Tiesto and Jauz to create a new song, we’re starting to buy that they are serious about their EDM. It doesn’t hurt that Tiesto and Jauz’s track “Infected” is pretty kick-ass. Tomorrowland starts tomorrow, and Tiesto has promised to use the new ...

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Martin Garrix Gets TWO Shows at Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event EDMInStereo.com

Does anybody need an excuse to go to Amsterdam? If you do, we’ve got just the thing: Amsterdam Dance Event Festival. Okay, so the name isn’t super catchy, but Amsterdam Dance Event Festival is a huge draw in the music scene. The festival will take place from October 19th through October 23rd. The shows will take place in 115 different clubs ...

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Top 10 Best EDM Radio Shows: Hardwell, Diplo & More!

EDM Radio Shows Henry Fong EDMInStereo.com

How do you find new EDM music to listen to? How do you know when your favorite DJ drops a new track? It’s easy if you’re keeping up with EDM radio shows! One way to find new mixes is with radio podcasts and radio shows. Some of EDM’s most respected DJs and producers have very own EDM radio podcast that airs ...

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McDonald’s Goes EDM With New Placemat To Mix Tracks

McTrax McDonald's EDM EDMInStereo.com

It appears everyone is getting into EDM…including McDonald’s. Yes, the fast food McDonald’s! McDonald’s Netherlands has introduced a new paper production studio called McTrax: Play the Placemat. The new placemat is actually a super thin circuit board, which makes use of 26 digital touch points to integrate the mat to a users smartphone. Through the use of an app, users can ...

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Tiesto’s New Deep House Label Launches First Track From Mystery Artist

Tiesto EDMInStereo.com

It’s not the first record label for veteran producer Tiesto, but it is certainly charting into new territory. Tiesto has continued to evolve since the launch of his first album In My Memory. What started out as mostly trance-influenced has shifted to house and many pop collaborations. Now, however, the artist is delving into deep house, a genre defined by a ...

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Electric Zoo Gets Wild With Tiesto, Bassnectar & Hardwell

Electric Zoo EDMInStereo.com

Mark labor day off on your iPhone calendar folks, because you’ll be busy rockin’ out at Electric Zoo Festival. The festival takes place Friday, September 2 through Sunday, September 4 at Randall’s Island Park in New York City. Electric Zoo has been slowly revealing the lineup, with new bands being added to the list every day. Each group has been ...

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Tiesto Quote: “I wish we could have just stuck with EDM”

Tiesto on the ever-changing naming conventions encompassing electronic music in an interview with the Deccan Herald: “EDM used to be a term for all of electronic dance music, but now it just means all the music that you’re not supposed to play. It became the new trance. It got popular, so now we’re all into deep house. And soon we’ll ...

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Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ Show Flops

With X-Factor viewing figures dwindling, it’s no wonder Yahoo have canned Simon Cowell’s DJ competition TV show months before it was set to air on TV. The show, named Ultimate DJ, was pitched by Cowell as the ‘X-Factor for DJs’, and promised the winner a recording contract with Sony Music. He planned to attract the “most edgy” artists to his ...

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