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Watch: Is the 1st EDM TED Talk Insanely Awesome or Just Insane?

EDM Ted Talk EDMInStereo.com

EDM has a notoriously positive vibes. So do TED Talks. Match made in heaven? We think so! For anyone who isn’t familiar with TED Talks, they are basically conferences that are filmed and then put online for the whole world to watch. Though they started out focused on the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the name “TED”), they’ve ...

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Review: David Guetta Says ‘Listen’ But We’ll Pass

The title should have been an indication that David Guetta‘s latest effort would be no masterpiece. If you have to be straight-up told to Listen, chances are you’re not going to actually want to. Maybe I’m being too harsh; Listen isn’t a bad album per se. It’s just not a great one. There’s nothing especially fresh, and none of the ...

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