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Reddit Reveals Top 100 DJs of the Year – Did Your Fave Make the Cut?

Reddit Top 100 DJs Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

The best way to meet other EDM fans is naturally at festivals and music events, but sometimes when you can’t stop gushing about your favorite DJs, online communities are nice, too. Our favorite subreddit on Reddit.com is naturally r/EDM, and the good folks there have compiled their current list of top 100 DJs. The subreddit had 572 Reddit users vote for ...

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Watch: The Art Of ‘Gloving’ Elevates Itself To Festival Art Form

EDM-lovers know that it isn’t just a category of music; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a thriving subculture that lends itself to a wide array of hobbies and interests. One in particular is capturing national attention: gloving. The name sounds vaguely like an “private” act, albeit a very safe one, but it’s anything but. Gloving, as any glover will tell you, is ...

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