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2015 ‘Beyond Wonderland’ Lineup Announced – Sept 20 & 21

Insomniac Events has fans in almost every genre of EDM and it’s difficult to keep everyone happy with music at a festival. Fortunately, Insomniac always creates very diverse lineups that incorporates different genres, from house to trap and draws from the top performers of each genre to keep fans satisfied. Their next large EDM festival, Beyond Wonderland, will definitely not ...

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Watch: The Art Of ‘Gloving’ Elevates Itself To Festival Art Form

EDM-lovers know that it isn’t just a category of music; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a thriving subculture that lends itself to a wide array of hobbies and interests. One in particular is capturing national attention: gloving. The name sounds vaguely like an “private” act, albeit a very safe one, but it’s anything but. Gloving, as any glover will tell you, is ...

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