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EDM Radio Show: Get Jacked with Afrojack’s ‘Jacked Radio’

Afrojack Jacked EDM Radio EDMInStereo.com

EDM Radio Show: Jacked Radio The more digging we do into EDM radio shows, the more we realize how far back in time these shows extend. We’re currently cranking Afrojack’s Jacked Radio. Surprisingly, it’s yet another EDM radio show with over 300 episodes to power through. Thankfully, this is homework we’re happy to take on. More Afrojack? More music? There’s ...

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Afrojack’s Ex Drops $25M Lawsuit against DJ

Afrojack Ex-Girlfriend EDMInStereo.com

Mistakes happen. Some are bigger than others, and some are unfortunately very public. Afrojack‘s ex-girlfriend Lauren Meditz has just ‘fessed up to her lawsuit error. Last month, Meditz announced she’d be suing Afrojack for $25 million for harassment, fraud and other things. At the time, Afrojack’s attorney said the claims were unfounded. Now it seems like Meditz has agreed. She ...

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Afrojack Sued for $25M over Messy Split with Girlfriend

Afrojack Sued EDMInStereo.com

Breakups are never pretty, but Afrojack‘s split with Lauren Meditz is getting really ugly. Yesterday, she hit him with a $25 million law suit. The couple split in May of 2016, when Meditz reportedly went to see the DJ perform in Vegas. Supposedly, she hung out with his friends instead of staying backstage with him. This angered Afrojack enough that he had ...

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