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Top EDM DJs Net Worth – Marshmello, Martin Garrix & More

EDM DJs Net Worth Marshmello EDMInStereo.com

EDM DJs Net Worth By now, we’re all familiar with Forbes’ list of EDM Cash Kings. Each year, Forbes tallies up the highest paid DJs. However, that’s just one year of information. What about our favorite EDM DJs’ net worth? That is, how much money have they earned as a whole? We love our favorites like Steve Aoki and Hardwell ...

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DJ Hanzel – AKA Dillon Francis – Gets Hilarious Interview Show ‘One Deeper Talks’

DJ Hanzel Dillon Francis One Deeper Talks EDMInStereo.com

Never one to play it safe, Dillon Francis is pushing the envelope yet again. This time, he’s not making more goofy music videos. Nor is he taking on a new YouTube series. He’s going even bigger. Dillon Francis has a brand new TV show on the books. That’s right–it’s not “just” a YouTube show. He’ll now be hitting the internet ...

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Wet Republic Kicks Off 2017 Season with DJ Shift THIS WEEKEND!

Wet Republic 2017 EDMInStereo.com

As the weather gets warmer, we’re looking forward to days by the pool. And why not head to a pool located in Las Vegas? Wet Republic is kicking off their 2017 season this weekend! Wet Republic opens up their Ultra Pool every summer, and it’s basically an ultra pool party with the best DJs. Located at the MGM Grand, they ...

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New Release: Crywolf’s ‘Weight’ is an Acoustic Heart-Wrencher

Crywolf Weight EDMInStereo.com

Are more and more of our favorite EDM artists getting soft on us? Well, we can’t say we mind too much. Just after Kaskade got in touch with his sensitive side, Crywolf launched a brand new song that also gets emotional. Crywolf, whose real name is Justin Taylor Phillips, got his start as an EDM artist. But his new song ...

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Kaskade Drops Surprising New Ballad ‘Let It Out’

Suddenly, out of the blue, Kaskade surprised us all with a new track. And it’s not just any track, either. This one is totally different for the artist. The DJ is normally known for releasing songs that have more of a progressive house feel. However, this time, he went a new direction. The song is titled “Let It Out,” and boy, ...

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Kaskade Says EDM is Here to Stay – Suck It, Deadmau5!

Kaskade deadmau5 EDMInStereo.com

As more artists continue to talk about the future of EDM, it’s sparking even more producers to come out of the woodworks to dish on their ideas about the industry. Kaskade is the latest in a string of people to speak up, and he’s siding with the optimistic crowd. Even if some of the big festivals like TomorrowWorld are taking ...

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Kaskade Takes Up Residency at Hakkasan – Get the Dates HERE

Kaskade Hakkasan EDMInStereo.com

Is EDM on its way out? From the perspective of wildly successful artists like Kaskade, it’s pretty hard to be a pessimist. After a fantastic year, Kaskade has announced that next year will continue his trend of awesomeness by taking up a residency with Hakkasan Group. Kaskade will be playing at three of Hakkasan Group’s biggest venues, OMNIA, JEWEL Nightclub ...

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The Chainsmokers’ Biggest Show Ever Sets Up All of 2017

Chainsmokers EDMInStereo.com Convention Center

They “ain’t ever getting older,” but they are definitely getting more and more popular. The Chainsmokers just revealed their biggest show yet, and it’s going to be off the hook. Just in time to kick off New Years’ celebrations, the Chainsmokers will be taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center on December 30, 2016. Not only will this be the ...

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Reddit Reveals Top 100 DJs of the Year – Did Your Fave Make the Cut?

Reddit Top 100 DJs Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

The best way to meet other EDM fans is naturally at festivals and music events, but sometimes when you can’t stop gushing about your favorite DJs, online communities are nice, too. Our favorite subreddit on Reddit.com is naturally r/EDM, and the good folks there have compiled their current list of top 100 DJs. The subreddit had 572 Reddit users vote for ...

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Kaskade’s Sick of EDM Taking Blame for Drug Use & Abuse

Kaskade EDMInStereo.com

There have been plenty of scary stories lately about people dying or getting injured at raves, but a recent article in the LA Times prompted Kaskade to point out that drugs aren’t only a problem at EDM festivals. The producer posted a message on his website that fought to remind people of the facts. “I’m not a numbers guy,” the ...

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