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More EDM Top 10 Songs Last WEEK than Last YEAR Total

The Chainsmokers EDM Top 10 EDMInStereo.com

There’s no denying that EDM is on the rise. Last week’s Billboard Top 10 is further evidencing bolstering EDM’s popularity–in just the last week alone, there were more EDM hits in the Billboard Top 10 than there were total in 2015. That’s right, last week’s top songs had four EDM hits included in the top 10. “This is What You Came For” ...

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The Chainsmokers Hit #1 On Shazam Charts, Beating Drake & Justin Timberlake

Chainsmokers EDMInStereo.com

Where would the world be without Shazam? Now when everyone is jamming out to a song at the bar and you’re too embarrassed to ask who the artist is for fear of (gasp) seeming out of the loop, a tap of a smartphone button can reveal everything you need to know. Or perhaps you found yourself in the back of ...

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Musical Legend Prince Passes Away At 57

Prince EDMInStereo.com

Iconic music star Prince has passed away today at the age of 57. He was found dead in his Paisley Park home in Minnesota earlier this morning. Last week, his plane was force to make an emergency landing to give medical attention to the artist, who had a severe case of the flu. However, investigation is underway to determine the cause of ...

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