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Deadmau5’s Wedding Videos Are Shockingly Cute

Deadmau5 Wedding EDMInStereo.com

You guys are never going to believe this. Deadmau5–gasp!–has a heart! The notoriously grumpy producer surprised fans by jumping on Twitter to reveal some big news. Yes, he’s on Twitter a lot. But normally he’s picking fights with other DJs, not declaring that he’s getting married. Here’s what he said: k brb getting married. — dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) August ...

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Deadmau5 Debuts New Alter Ego Testpilot for ‘Less Mainstreamy Sh-t’

Deadmau5 Testpilot EDMInStereo.com

When are multiple personalities a good thing? When you’re a DJ who has multiple styles of music to test out! Deadmau5 has been notoriously cynical, and that even holds true when it comes to his own music. That’s why he’s now got Testpilot–to avoid having more “mainstreamy sh-t.” Joel Zimmerman was supposed to try out his new alter ego Testpilot ...

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Me-ow! Deadmau5 Countersues over Meowingtons Trademark

Deadmau5 Meowingtons EDMInStereo.com

The claws are coming out. Deadmau5–a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman–is currently duking it out legally over the trademark of his cat’s name. Let’s back up a little. Deadmau5 has a cat named Professor Meowingtons. A woman named Emma Bassiri has a website called Meowingtons that is completely unaffiliated with deadmau5, but sells cat-themed merchandise. Zimmerman wasn’t happy about that, but Bassiri filed ...

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Deadmau5 Keeps It Together despite Cube 2.1 Malfunction

deadmau5 Cube 2.1 EDMInStereo.com

Even deadmau5 isn’t immune to technical difficulties. His Cube 2.1 is super impressive, but in no way perfect. This weekend, deadmau5 was performing at a gig in Columbia, Maryland. This didn’t go completely smoothly, however. Mid-show, his sound cut off and the visuals locked into place. The tech folks managed to get it up and running, but it did it ...

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Deadmau5 on Display: Canadian Museum Shows off Mau5 Head

deadmau5 Museum Cheese Head EDMInStereo.com

It’s official–deadmau5 is museum worthy. His home country of Canada is now honoring his existence with a special exhibit. Canada’s National Music Centre just revealed their latest exhibit. It’s none other than one of deadmau5’s Mau5 Head’s. If you’re familiar with the producers extensive catalogue of faces, this is the one that looks like it’s carved out of cheese. Along ...

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Deadmau5 Legally Dukes It Out over His Cat Meowingtons’ Name

deadmau5 Meowingtons EDMInStereo.com

If there’s one thing to know about deadmau5, it’s that he loves his cats. He’s got two of them, but the one that shows up most often on social media is Professor Meowingtons pHd–but simply “Meowingtons” for short. Though it’s a quirky name, deadmau5 (whose real name is Joel Zimmerman) wasn’t the only one to use it. A fan named ...

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Deadmau5 Unveils Crazy Cube 2.1 Plus FREE Album

Deadmau5 Cube 2.1 EDMInStereo.com

He must be feeling generous lately, because deadmau5 has graced fans with two awesome new surprises over the past few days. On Friday, he launched an entirely new album totally for free. Called stuff i used to do, the album is a compilation of previous works. Supposedly, it’s going to be free to download until deadmau5 decides to delete the link. ...

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Deadmau5 Opens Up about Death Threats & Insecurity

deadmau5 Joel Zimmerman EDMInStereo.com

With the way Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. deadmau5, talks online, you’d almost think he was impervious to people being jerks. After all, he is a pretty big jerk himself, right? However, in a recent (rare!) interview with NME, deadmau5 revealed that his excessive social media presence actually is pretty harmful to himself, as well. Though he’s the one in the spotlight ...

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Deadmau5 Tells Label To ‘Lawyer Le F*** Up’ Over Song Theft

deadmau5 EDMInStereo.com

Poor deadmau5 just can’t get a break from having to sue people. Just a couple weeks after settling a dispute with his label over remixing his songs without permission, the producer has to lawyer up yet again. This time, Play Time Records is the one being challenged. The label just released a track called “Purple Eyes” by the artist FAKU, ...

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Deadmau5 Settles Legal Dispute Over Unauthorized Remixes

Deadmau5 EDMInStereo.com

Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, finally settled a dispute with his former label over remixes of his early tracks. In October 2015, deadmau5 went to court to ask Play Records and Melleny Melody, president of the company, to cease using his early music in new remixes or mashups. Though Zimmerman succeeded on this point, the agreement reached by the ...

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