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Did Diplo Just Confirm that Jack Ü Is OVER?

Jack U EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: Jack Ü has been awfully silent these days. A while back, Skrillex tweeted some news that made it sound like the jig was up. Now, a new interview with Diplo seems to confirm that. Diplo participated in a Q&A, and naturally the interviewer asked about his Skrillex collaboration. In particular, they queried, “Will we see any more of Jack Ü?” ...

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Diplo Proved a MAJOR Point by Working with Justin Bieber

Diplo Justin Bieber EDMInStereo.com

Did Diplo work with Justin Bieber as the ultimate way to prove himself? It kind of sounds like it, but maybe the Jack Ü producer just wanted to push himself to the limits. In a recent interview with The Fader, Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Pentz, got candid about his decision to transition from behind-the-scenes guy to leading man. ...

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Is Jack Ü Over? Skrillex Tweets Some Bad, Bad News

Jack Ü Skrillex Diplo EDMInStereo.com

Wait, what? Is Jack Ü really going on hiatus? Say it ain’t so! Skrillex, who makes up half or the Jack Ü crew along with his pal Diplo, tweeted out some information that could be seen as bad, bad news for one of our favorite EDM duos. However, there’s a whole lot of uncertainty swirling around, so we’re trying to make ...

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Jack Ü Collaborates with Rae Sremmurd–And Also Plays the ‘Seinfeld’ Theme?

Jack U Rae Sremmurd EDMInStereo.com

With their track record of success on every collaboration they touch, Jack Ü is already in the habit of creating musical gold with other artists. It looks like Rae Sremmurd is going to be the latest artist to get pulled into the stratosphere. Jack Ü, which is made up of Diplo and Skrillex, has already worked with the likes of ...

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Diplo’s $2.4M New Pad is INSANE–See the Photos Here

Diplo BandRumors.com

Clearly being named Dance Artist of the Year on Billboard’s Power List of DJs isn’t the only marker of Diplo‘s success. He’s obviously racking in the dough as well. The producer just purchased a new $2.4 million dollar pad in Hollywood Hills, and it seems like a fitting place for someone who needs to get away from it all while ...

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Diplo Gets Slammed By Bingo Players Over ‘Lame’ DJ Culture Comment

Diplo EDMInStereo.com

In a recent interview, Diplo bit the hand that feeds him by bashing EDM culture. In fact, this took place right around the same time he was named Billboard’s “Dance Artist of the Year.” Though being a DJ seems to have done nothing but good things for the producer, he had some less than kind words about the lifestyle associated ...

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Diplo Says Justin Bieber Is ‘Clown On A Pedestal,’ Calls DJ Culture ‘Lame’

Diplo Justin Bieber EDMInStereo.com

Justin Bieber may have Diplo to thank for helping him reach a more adult audience (at least Bieber says he is…), but the Major Lazer and Jack Ü producer is brushing off the compliments and even calling out Bieber on his past. Bieber and Diplo first collaborated with the track “Where Are Ü Now” in 2015, which helped Bieber to take a step into ...

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Diplo Teases New Justin Bieber/Major Lazer Collaboration: It’s On Fire!

Justin Bieber Diplo Major Lazer EDMInStereo.com

Justin Bieber is venturing back into the EDM world, and with hits like “Lean On” and “Where Are Ü Now,” why not? Though nothing official has been revealed yet, a string of tweets between Bieber and Diplo seem to confirm a collaboration with Major Lazer. Check out the tweets here: @diplo when are we bringing this new music? — Justin ...

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EDM Rises At Coachella: Calvin Harris, Zhu & More Invade The Stages

EDM Coachella EDMInStereo.com

Coachella 2016 has officially concluded, and while many are already looking forward to next year, reflecting on the two weekends that just happened gives us an idea where the festival will head. Let’s just say things are looking good for EDM. With Calvin Harris being the first ever EDM artist to have one of the top three headlining spots, it’s ...

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Jack Ü & Justin Bieber Hit Climbs To Triple Platinum

Jack U Justin Bieber EDMInStereo.com

Congratulations are in order for Jack Ü and Justin Bieber, who have hit the big time with their track “Where R Ü Now.” The single has now gone triple platinum, meaning it has moved over 3 million units, with a unit counting for either one paid download or 150 streams. Jack Ü, made up of members Skrillex and Diplo, launched onto ...

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