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HARD Summer Changes Venue Less than 1 Month Out

HARD Summer Venue Change EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: It looks like all the talks about rave bans have led to some changes for HARD Summer Music Festival. The event originally took place at the Fontana Speedway in California. Now, however, its been relocated to the Glen Helen Amphitheater & Regional Park. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where Nocturnal Wonderland was held this year. Don’t worry–the ...

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HARD Fest Founder Apologizes for Wildly Offensive Trailer

HARD Fest EDMInStereo.com Trailer

Oops! File this one under “Attempts at Inclusivity that Are Wildly Unfunny.” HARD Fest has been getting loads of backlash lately, and their latest attempt at winning over the public was a massive flop. Forget about the fact that HARD SUMMER is dealing with lawsuits left and right from people suing over deaths that happened at the festival. This time, ...

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HARD Summer’s Return Revealed on Accident!

HARD Summer EDMInStereo.com

Who would have guessed someone attending a NASCAR event would stumble upon HARD Summer‘s return? HARD Music Festival is making a comeback, and now we know the dates and location. Twitter user @SwankyAssBryan posted a photo earlier this week that gave the big news. He was attending the Auto Club 400 event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana when he got ...

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HARD Summer Deaths Confirmed as Ecstasy Overdoses

Hard Summer EDMInStereo.com

The three deaths that tragically happened at HARD Summer Music Festival this year have just been confirmed to have been caused by ecstasy overdoses. The coroner in the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s division said Derek Lee (22), Alyssa Dominguez (21) and Roxanne Ngo (22) all passed away due to “acute MDMA toxicity.” All three of them were transported to different ...

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Los Angeles Cracks Down on EDM Drug Deaths – What’s the Solution?

EDM Rave Drugs EDMInStereo.com

The EDM scene has faced a lot of doom and gloom in the press lately, and it’s not showing any sign of stopping. People have latched onto the deaths that have taken place at raves over the years and used it as a reason to wage war against popular EDM festivals. No place has cracked down harder than Los Angeles. ...

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Kaskade’s Sick of EDM Taking Blame for Drug Use & Abuse

Kaskade EDMInStereo.com

There have been plenty of scary stories lately about people dying or getting injured at raves, but a recent article in the LA Times prompted Kaskade to point out that drugs aren’t only a problem at EDM festivals. The producer posted a message on his website that fought to remind people of the facts. “I’m not a numbers guy,” the ...

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