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Playlist: Pulse Victims Honored with Music for Pride Celebrations

Pulse Nightclub Playlist EDMInStereo.com

Around this time last year, a shooter tragically killed 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It was the deadliest mass shooting to take place in the United States in years. Pulse, was considered a safe space for Orlando’s LGBTQ community, and the vicious attack was thought to be inspired by homophobia. We’re now getting into the heart of various ...

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Halsey’s Album Leaked Early at Urban Outfitters – Or Wasn’t It?

Halsey Urban Outfitters EDMInStereo.com

Oops! The angry mob took over and Urban Outfitters barely stood a chance. Unfortunately, the mob was wrong…ish–they thought the clothing store leaked Halsey‘s new album early, but it was all a big mistake. Halsey’s new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is due out today. It’s meant to be an exclusive release under Urban Outfitters. However, a fan found a vinyl copy inside ...

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New Release: The Chainsmokers’ ‘Paris’ is ‘Closer’ 2.0

The Chainsmokers Paris EDMInStereo.com

When you’ve got a formula that works, why not stick with it? The Chainsmokers clearly hit on something big when they made “Closer,” and their new single “Paris” has even more of the good stuff. Starring Instagram model Alexis Ren in nothing but bikinis, the new video for “Paris” has plenty of beach and booty shots. Sun and sand seem to be the ...

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Halsey Posts Pic from Hospital Bed after Endometriosis Surgery

Halsey Endometriosis EDMInStereo.com

Dealing with medical issues can be one of the most frustrating and tragic experiences, but Halsey is attempting to use her situation to make sure others are comforted. The singer from the Chainsmokers’ hit “Closer” recently underwent surgery to treat endometriosis. A year ago, Halsey opened up about her struggle with her diagnosis. Endometriosis is a disease that causes inflammation ...

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New Release: The Chainsmokers ‘Setting Fires’ Could Be the New ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers Setting Fires EDMInStereo.com

At this point it feels like the Chainsmokers have some item of massive news or another every single week. We’re not complaining, we’re just worried we’ll start getting used to it and then one week we won’t hear from them and won’t known how to cope! This week the Chainsmokers big news comes in the form of a brand spanking ...

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The Chainsmokers & Halsey Have a New HOT Video – Watch HERE

The Chainsmokers Halsey EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: The Chainsmokers have two items of big news today. First, their EP has a release date! It will be here on (drumroll, please) November 4, 2016. It’s also got a name now, Collage! But that wasn’t our second piece of good news. We’re just lumping that in with the EP release date. The real other item of note is that ...

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The Chainsmokers Ordered to Pay Royalties to the Fray for ‘Closer’–Seriously

The Chainsmokers Halsey Closer The Fray EDMInStereo.com

Is it just us, or are these copyright suits getting a little tedious? Either artists need to stop copying other artists, or the stretched comparisons to former works need to stop. The latest victim of these suits in the EDM world are the Chainsmokers, who supposedly copied a song by the Fray. According to a judge, the melody of the ...

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Will the Chainsmokers Release an Album? It’s Up to the Fans!

The Chainsmokers Album EDMInStereo.com

It’s kind of shocking to realize that the Chainsmokers, despite their insane popularity, haven’t released a single album. Sure, they’ve had a couple EPs, but nothing full-length yet. So is an album in the future? According to their Twitter account, they seem pretty lackluster about creating one, but if the fans want it badly enough, they are willing to comply. ...

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Google Play Unveils Most-Streamed EDM Hits & We’re Not Surprised At ALL

Calvin Harris Google Play Chainsmokers EDMInstereo.com

This year has been a record-setter for EDM, with more artists than ever landing on the Billboard Top 10. Being able to stream music from so many different services makes for some interesting data points, and Google Play has just unveiled which EDM tracks hit it big on their platform. According to YourEDM.com, the Top 10 most streamed EDM songs ...

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Calvin Harris & the Chainsmokers Show the VMAs How Things Are Done

The Chainsmokers Calvin Harris VMAs EDMInStereo.com

The VMAs may have been kind of lame this year, but at least there were a few EDM artists showing everybody how things are done. Of course, the Chainsmokers have been the talk of the year, but Calvin Harris also hit it big this time around. Harris wound up taking home two awards, one for Best Male Video and one ...

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