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EDM Radio Show: Morgan Page’s In the Air Rocks Electro-House

Morgan Page EDM Radio Show In the Air EDMInStereo.com

EDM Radio Show: In the Air How is it that artists like Morgan Page can be so busy and still release EDM radio shows every single week? It must be true what they say: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Morgan Page has been keeping up his EDM radio show In the Air ...

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Playlist: The Evolution of Deadmau5

deadmau5 EDMInStereo.com

We’ve been talking a lot about deadmau5 lately because, believe it or not, the normally reclusive producer has actually been doing a bunch of interviews. Mostly, this is due to his new album W/:2016ALBUM being released–he does make a living off his music, after all, so it’s obviously helpful to get the news out there. We’re not the only ones ...

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Playlist: Take a Deep Breath & Chill Out, Brain

Phaeleh EDM Playlist EDMInStereo.com

It’s been a stressful week here in the U.S. of A., and no matter which presidential candidate you were casting your vote for, you could probably use a little relaxation. Spotify’s “chill.out.brain” playlist is the perfect medicine for those thoughts that just won’t slow down. With low-key, peaceful songs filled with ambient sounds and soft melodies, “chill.out.brain” is the best ...

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Playlist: ‘Night Rider’ Transforms Your Drives with Progressive House

Night Rider EDM Playlist EDMInStereo.com

We’re seeing less and less of the sun these days as late fall and early winter begin their slow roll in. Unfortunately, that means driving home from work or school after the sun sets, which can get pretty tedious. But then there are those awesome moments when you’re driving at night and the perfect music comes on and suddenly you’re ...

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Playlist: Nasty Bits is Dirty to the Core

Nasty Bits EDM Playlist Felguk EDMInStereo.com

How could we not love a playlist named “Nasty Bits?” There are so many things that phrase could mean! Is the music real gritty and hardcore? Is it all about the sexual innuendo? We had to know what was going on with this Spotify playlist, and we weren’t disappointed. “Nasty Bits” is described as “Dirty, grinding, proper electro house filth.” Something about ...

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Playlist: Shake Your Groove Thang…It’s Time to Dance!

Time to Dance EDM Playlist EDMInStereo.com

Put on your shiny spandex because it’s time to dance! Whether you’re a fan of shaking your groove thing or doing the cha-cha, there’s a type of dancing for everyone, so you have no excuses not to join in. In fact, we’ve even got a playlist here called “Time to Dance,” so you can’t even use the excuse of not ...

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Playlist: EDM Goosebumps Will Give You Chills in the Best Way

Porter Robinson EDM Playlist Goosebumps EDMInStereo.com

Ever get the chills when listening to your favorite EDM songs? The fact that our bodies can have a physical reaction to music is pretty amazing. Then again, we already knew how powerful music can be, so getting goosebumps to the most moving EDM tracks is just a welcome experience rather than a surprise. To celebrate those moments of pure ...

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Playlist: Chase Away the Monday Blues with Fresh EDM

Fresh EDM Playlist Bali Bandits EDMInStereo.com

It’s Monday, which can be the worst day of the week. Back to school, back to work–what a pain! However, we’re trying to take a more optimistic view and think of it as a fresh start and a new beginning, and Spotify’s Fresh EDM playlist is the perfect soundtrack. With songs from people like Tritonal and Bali Bandits, the tracks ...

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Playlist: Uplifting EDM is the Perfect Mood-Booster

Uplifting EDM Playlist EDMInStereo.com

Need a pick-me-up? We’re not talking about that third cup of coffee for the afternoon. Every now and then, everybody needs a mood booster, and music is the perfect solution. Especially uplifting EDM, which–come on–you just CAN’T listen to and stay sad. This playlist from UpliftingEDM.com cherry picks the best songs that are guaranteed to raise your spirits. Even if ...

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