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New Release: Alesso’s Lyric Video Will Take Your Breath Away

Alesso Lyric Video Take My Breath Away EDMInStereo.com

Not long ago, Alesso unveiled a new single called “Take My Breath Away,” and with each factoid we found out about it, it got more and more awesome. First, the music itself was a glorious blend of electro-pop. Second, it was co-produced with Dillon Francis, who we have a major friend crush on. Now, Alesso has upped the ante yet ...

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Hardwell Joins Dillon Francis in Ultimate DJ Mag Bashing

Hardwell DJ Mag Dillon Francis EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: Dillon Francis isn’t the only one who’s angry about the DJ Mag Top 100 results. Hardwell was caught on tape at Amsterdam Dance Event ranting away about the situation as well. Most notably, he’s upset by how the list will affect the artists signed to his label, Revealed Records. “Listen, I’ve been in the studio with this f–king guy, and ...

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Playlist: Nasty Bits is Dirty to the Core

Nasty Bits EDM Playlist Felguk EDMInStereo.com

How could we not love a playlist named “Nasty Bits?” There are so many things that phrase could mean! Is the music real gritty and hardcore? Is it all about the sexual innuendo? We had to know what was going on with this Spotify playlist, and we weren’t disappointed. “Nasty Bits” is described as “Dirty, grinding, proper electro house filth.” Something about ...

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Martin Garrix is DJ Mag’s #1 Artist & Dillon Francis is Super Confused

DJ Mag Martin Garrix Dillon Francis EDMInStereo.com

It’s that time of year again. DJ Mag has revealed their Top 100 DJs for the year, and though it should be a time of excitement, everybody is kind of having a “WTF” moment. Let’s face it, Dillon Francis is saying what everybody is thinking. Backing up for a second, here’s what you need to know about DJ Mag’s Top ...

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Diplo’s Mad Decent Beach Party CANCELED! Are They Crazy??

Diplo Mad Decent Beach Party EDMInStereo.com

Uh-oh…sounds like trouble in paradise! At least in Diplo‘s beachy paradise, that is! Diplo’s Mad Decent label was going to be putting on an insane show full of surf and sun, but the plug has been pulled. Mad Decent Beach Party was scheduled to take place over President’s Day weekend (February 18-20, 2017) in Riviera Maya, Mexico, but a suspicious ...

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Reddit Reveals Top 100 DJs of the Year – Did Your Fave Make the Cut?

Reddit Top 100 DJs Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

The best way to meet other EDM fans is naturally at festivals and music events, but sometimes when you can’t stop gushing about your favorite DJs, online communities are nice, too. Our favorite subreddit on Reddit.com is naturally r/EDM, and the good folks there have compiled their current list of top 100 DJs. The subreddit had 572 Reddit users vote for ...

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Breakaway Music Festival Makes Triumphant Return with Chance the Rapper, Dillon Francis & MORE

Dillon Francis Breakaway Music Festival EDMInStereo.com

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? But after a certain point, we need the absence to end and the festivals that were snatched from us to make a comeback. That time has come for Breakaway Music Festival–we’re really happy to see it returning for the first time since 2013. The festival will take place at the Ohio Expo Center in ...

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Dillon Francis Schools Real-Life Hater Danny Dawson In Facebook Beatdown

Dillon Francis Danny Dawson EDMInStereo.com

If there’s one thing EDM pros like Dillon Francis know how to do (besides making music, of course), it’s how to take down their haters on social media. Francis shared a photo of himself with the hosts of the reality show Ridiculousness, which he is scheduled to appear on in the next season, on Facebook: A “fan” named Danny Dawson left ...

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Breakaway Music Festival Mixes EDM & Hip-Hop With Dillon Francis, Rae Sremmurd

Dillon Francis Breakaway Music Festival EDMInStereo.com

The Breakaway Music Festival will return to the Ohio Expo Center for its second year on August 26 and 27, 2016. The show features a mix of EDM artists, hip-hop and even a couple singers on the lineup, making this the perfect opportunity for music discovery and jamming out to old favorites. Friday’s headliners include Dillon Francis and Rae Sremmurd, ...

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Diplo Gets Slammed By Bingo Players Over ‘Lame’ DJ Culture Comment

Diplo EDMInStereo.com

In a recent interview, Diplo bit the hand that feeds him by bashing EDM culture. In fact, this took place right around the same time he was named Billboard’s “Dance Artist of the Year.” Though being a DJ seems to have done nothing but good things for the producer, he had some less than kind words about the lifestyle associated ...

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