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Watch: Dillon Francis Is a Narc in ‘Say Less’

Dillon Francis Say Less G-Eazy EDMInStereo.com

You never know what to expect with a Dillon Francis video. One second he’s making crazy parody reality shows, the next he’s hosting a crazy neighborhood party and hitting on people’s moms. His newest video lives up to the craziness. Dillon Francis just released “Say Less,” a collaboration with G-Eazy. It starts off with a wild party and partiers passing ...

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The Greatest Day Ever! Drops Greatest Lineup Ever

Greatest Day Ever Lineup EDMInStereo.com

When you call yourselves “The Greatest Day Ever!,” that’s setting the bar pretty high. Naturally, it’s going to make everyone ask, “Was this really the greatest day ever?” Luckily for the actual festival called The Greatest Day Ever!, the lineup is pretty sick. That means chances are pretty good that it really could be the highlight of some people’s lives. ...

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Zedd Launching Double Zero Headphone Line – They Sound ‘Real!’

Zedd Headphones Double Zero EDMInStereo.com

Musicians have a great ear for sound design. Especially musicians who handle the production of their own content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all that Zedd is launching his own headphone line. Clearly, lesser headphones weren’t doing the job. According to Zedd, he “wanted to create headphones that don’t only look and feel incredible but also sound ...

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Tim Robbins’ EDM Mockumentary ‘Ultimate Ultimate’ Is Totally Hilarious

Tim Robbins Ultimate Ultimate EDMInStereo.com

We love EDM (obviously), but even we can admit there are some parts of the culture that are pretty darn funny. That’s why we’re digging actor Tim Robbins‘ newest mockumentary, Ultimate Ultimate. The series premiered in five parts on Funny or Die. Ultimate Ultimate follows three wannabe DJ acts, which includes a duo of frat bro types, a high school teacher and DJ Sparkle, a ...

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Listen: Dillon Francis Launches 1st Funky New Track on New Label

Dillon Francis Say Less EDMInStereo.com

Not only is he absolutely hilarious, Dillon Francis also knows how to drop a good tune. This one is bouncing and bass-heavy, so it’s bound to be a catchy summer hit. This time around, Francis has teamed up with MC G-Eazy. Not only that, but it’s the first song released from Francis’ new label, IDGAFOS. Titled “Say Less,” it definitely ...

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DJ Hanzel – AKA Dillon Francis – Gets Hilarious Interview Show ‘One Deeper Talks’

DJ Hanzel Dillon Francis One Deeper Talks EDMInStereo.com

Never one to play it safe, Dillon Francis is pushing the envelope yet again. This time, he’s not making more goofy music videos. Nor is he taking on a new YouTube series. He’s going even bigger. Dillon Francis has a brand new TV show on the books. That’s right–it’s not “just” a YouTube show. He’ll now be hitting the internet ...

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Electric Forest Expands Lineup with 95 New Artists!

Electric Forest Lineup EDMInStereo.com

Is it just us, or does it seem like more festivals are enjoying teasing us by spreading out their lineup announcements? Either way, we’re pretty stoked for Electric Forest‘s Phase 2 lineup. Electric Forest is expanding into two weekends this year. That means they are going to have even more artists than ever. Obviously, it’s important for them to get ...

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Martin Garrix Calls Out SoundCloud for Removing His Music

Martin Garrix SoundCloud EDMInStereo.com

In yet another mess up, SoundCloud has removed Martin Garrix‘s music from his page. The site is quickly developing a reputation for screwing up their copyright removals. Somehow, they keep taking down music from people who post legitimately. Luckily, Martin Garrix called them out on it on Twitter. yo @soundcloud can you guys for once stop fucking up.. pic.twitter.com/YvAwIAxJL3 — ...

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Playlist: ‘SoCal Thanksgiving Road Trip’ Will Get You Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Playlist EDMInStereo.com

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving here in sunny Southern California, we’re spending less time drooling over the prospects of pumpkin pie and more time planning out when to start our holiday travels in order to avoid traffic. Thankfully, traffic can be a lot more bearable with the right playlist. Soundcloud user Redline That put together a playlist titled “SoCal ...

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Why We Can’t Wait for Dillon Francis’ New Album

Dillon Francis EDMInStereo.com New Album

We never know what to expect from Dillon Francis, but is it possible that he could be working on something (gasp!) normal? Like an album? It’s looking that way, though a new album coming from the funny fellow is sure to be anything but normal. However, given his hilarious music videos and YouTube channel, nothing would really surprise us at ...

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