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New Release: Crywolf’s EP ‘Skeletons’ Is an Emotional Journey

Skeletons Crywolf EDMInStereo.com

About a month ago, Crywolf released a new song called “Weight.” It was an immensely emotional anthem that revealed a lot about the inner workings of his heart. Turns out, it was pretty good preparation for what was to come on his new EP. Crywolf released Skeletons a couple days ago, and it delves into the deepest depths and highest highs. There ...

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New Release: Crywolf’s ‘Weight’ is an Acoustic Heart-Wrencher

Crywolf Weight EDMInStereo.com

Are more and more of our favorite EDM artists getting soft on us? Well, we can’t say we mind too much. Just after Kaskade got in touch with his sensitive side, Crywolf launched a brand new song that also gets emotional. Crywolf, whose real name is Justin Taylor Phillips, got his start as an EDM artist. But his new song ...

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What the Heck is Post-EDM?

The phrase “the EDM bubble has burst” has been popping up everywhere. Steve Aoki said it when talking about the Las Vegas music scene. We’ve even talked about it in our own updates. Thanks to a really interesting article on Thump, we’re getting a better idea of what it means to be moving in a post-EDM direction. The author first ...

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