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The Chainsmokers Crash Chicago Prom – Is Your Prom Next?

The Chainsmokers Prom EDMInStereo.com

Ahhh, prom. It’s that supposedly magical time where everyone dresses up and parties down. It’s a time for pretending to be grown up while still horribly misbehaving. It’s no wonder The Chainsmokers found themselves crashing a local senior prom this weekend–they are automatically drawn to hijinks. Some Chicago students had their senior prom made even more magical when Andrew Taggart ...

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Watch: The Chainsmokers Tease New Track on Snapchat

The Chainsmokers Snapchat EDMInStereo.com

With social media, you never know when artists like The Chainsmokers will slip out some new information. It wasn’t that long ago that they put out their debut EP Collage, but the duo is already teasing their latest releases. On Snapchat over the weekend, Andrew Taggart showed off a quick 10-second clip of himself draped in a white sheet lip-syncing along ...

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Watch: The Chainsmokers Tease Chris Martin Collaboration & It’s GORGEOUS

The Chainsmokers Coldplay Chris Martin EDMInStereo.com

We knew the Chainsmokers were hitting the big leagues, but WOW! This is a massive stride forward for them. The production duo has a song in the works that will feature none other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The Chainsmokers shared a couple videos of themselves rockin’ out to some new piano jams. The first clip shows Martin singing along while Andrew ...

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The Chainsmokers Blast New Track At Coachella

The Chainsmokers Coachella EDMInStereo.com

Read on to listen to the new track! When the Chainsmokers performed a new track at #Fest in Athens, Ohio, just a short time before their scheduled Coachella performance, it was almost a given the group would do a repeat performance at the enormous festival. Needless to say, fans prepping for Coachella got even more riled up. Sure enough, the duo ...

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