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EDM Series ‘Lost Generation’ Debuts Online – Watch HERE

Lost Generation EDMInStereo.com

When New Form Digital started talking about their new show Lost Generation, it sounded awfully familiar. It turns out the new EDM TV show is actually something we’ve talked about before, back when it was being called Pulse. Though the program has been renamed, it ultimately is the same show, and it’s now available online. Lost Generation will stream through go90.com, but the first episode ...

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Verizon’s EDM Musical Series ‘Pulse’ To Star Katie Findlay

Katie Findlay Pulse Verizon EDMInStereo.com

Have you ever been torn between listening to the latest Zedd song or jamming out to the Wicked soundtrack? Verizon knows your pain. The company is going to cure that conundrum, however, with the first ever EDM musical Pulse. Pulse will premiere on Verizon’s go90 this fall as a short-form series consisting of 12 episodes. Go90 offers live and on demand videos via its ...

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