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Steve Aoki Teams Up with Bill Nye for Science-y Netflix Special

What happens when you mix science and EDM? More importantly, what happens when you mix Bill Nye and Steve Aoki? We’re going to find out when Bill Nye Saves the World comes to Netflix.

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These two could totally be BFFs.

Bill Nye’s new show is coming to Netflix on April 21. The show will focus on science, of course. But it will also explore topics like climate change, alternative medicine and even sex through the lens of science.

Many celebrities are going to make guest appearances, ranging from model Karlie Kloss to actors like Zach Braff and Joel McHale. Naturally, the one we’re most excited about is Steve Aoki.

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EDM is very technology oriented despite being an art form. Maybe this is what Nye and Aoki will delve into when they have their screen-time together. Then again, from the trailer it looks like Aoki is taking part in some sort of chemistry experiment, so who knows what they’ll tackle?

Take a look at the trailer for Bill Nye Saves the World:



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