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Steve Aoki Sued For Breaking Girl’s Neck Following Raft Stunt

EDM in Stereo just caught wind of some serious EDM news: a woman is suing EDM superstar DJ Steve Aoki for breaking her neck during an event at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, Calif.steve aoki raft jump high edm in stereo

Brittany Hickman, whom the news report is sure to point out had never even heard of Aoki at the time of her incident, allegedly suffered the injury when Aoki had climbed up nearly 20-foot-high scaffolding, thrown an inflatable raft into the crowd, and jumped onto the raft—one of Aoki’s signature moves. Hickman says she was trapped underneath the raft and was knocked unconscious.

Watch the video below; Aoki hits the raft with some considerable force. After being taken to the hospital, Hickman found out she had indeed suffered a broken neck and docotrs supposedly told her she was lucky she had not been paralyzed as a result. Hickman is suing both the Hardrock Hotel and Aoki—neither parties had any comments regarding the lawsuit.

Hickman, meanwhile, claims she is still recovering and suffers from migraines due to the incident.

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