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Steve Aoki Concert Roof Collapse Injures 15–Are Shows Getting More Dangerous?

Is it just us, or are shows getting more and more dangerous to go to? Venues really need to reinforce their structural integrity. The latest performer who fell victim to a venue mishap was Steve Aoki, when the roof collapsed and injured 15 of his fans.

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Aoki’s shows are always a little wild, but not to the point of injury.

Not long ago, Snoop Dogg winded up with injured fans at his show as well. A railing collapsed that separated fans from the stage, where he was performing with Wiz Khalifa. Over 42 people were injured in the accident.

Steve Aoki was performing in Oslo at the Sentrum Scene when the roof caved in. Over 1,800 people were in the audience at the time. Firemen were able to secure the location and help those who were injured, but one source who was there said the scene was “total chaos.”

According to Oslo police, none of the 15 people who were harmed suffered serious injuries. Aoki himself was not injured, but expressed his sadness at the accident on Twitter.

The reason for the collapse is so far unclear, but an investigation is underway. Rune Bjorvik, a police officer, said, “It looks like the reason for the accident is complicated, but the investigation will determine the cause.” He added that it seemed to have something to do with the construction of the building and that he doubted the management of the club would be held responsible.

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