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SoundCloud Now Offering $5 Mid-Tier Subscriptions for Us Poor Folks

Just as Goldilocks was able to find the perfect fit, now you can get the “just right” subscription on SoundCloud.

Before the newest upgrade, SoundCloud users had to choose between a free account or a $10 per month subscription. The free accounts were, well, free. But unfortunately they also came with a plethora of ads. The $10 accounts, on the other hand, stripped away the ads. However, many users can’t justify spending $120 a year on a single music streaming service.

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In order to meet users somewhere in the middle, SoundCloud now offers mid-tier $5 subscriptions. The price point is awesome, so what’s the catch? The ads are gone, but it turns out this level won’t give users access to every song on the service. Certain official songs by large artists will still most likely remain off limits.

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The company’s official announcement said the $10 service is now called SoundCloud Go+. The $5 service is simply SoundCloud Go. The “+” level offers access to 150 million tracks, while the mid-level gives access to 120 million. That’s still a good amount of music, but if some of the biggest hits aren’t available, the service may still find users going elsewhere for music.

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