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Smash Mouth Releases EDM Single in Attempt to Be Relevant Again

First there was Shaq, now Smash Mouth is joining this week’s roster of unlikely EDM superstars. Okay, so Smash Mouth isn’t at all close to nearing superstar status with their new track, but they’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Smash Mouth EDMInStereo.com

Check out this group of “all stars.”

The band best known for their 1990s hit “All Star” has just released their first ever EDM single “Love is a Soldier.” With the help of a producer who goes by the name of DJ Specter, Smash Mouth takes a stab at being a bit more modern.

Truthfully, I can’t take Steve Harwell‘s vocals seriously enough to judge this song fairly. I hear it and immediately think of Shrek thanks to the band being featured excessively in the soundtrack. However, it’s cool that they are trying to update their sound into something more accessible to new fans.

Take a listen here:


It’s quite a change from their “Walkin’ on the Sun” phase.

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Read more to see Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell lose his cool over fans pelting him with bread:

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