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Slushii Wipes Social Media Clean – Time for a Refresh!

He’s not the first to delete a tweet, but Slushii might have the most dramatic deletion. The producer just wiped his Twitter account totally clean–except for one tweet.

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Even colorful and cute things need a break sometimes.

Like Marshmello, Slushii started as an undercover DJ whose real name is Julian Scanlan. He first surfaced about a year ago, and almost immediately hit it big. He released his first single “Emptiness” with Monstercat before launching an EP titled Brain Freeze. Slushii has also been touring pretty much nonstop.

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…Which is exactly why some people were speculating that he deleted his tweets due to burnout. Not joking–everything was gone, except for one relatively new message:

Since then, however, Slushii has added some more tweets back into the mix. These messages do a good job of clarifying the real reason behind his slate wiping. Thankfully, it’s not about the music. Instead, it’s about social media itself.

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