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Skrillex’s Gritty Beats Featured in Alexander Wang Ad (Just Ignore Kylie Jenner)

Just last week, Kylie Jenner posted a teaser video on Instagram for designer Alexander Wang‘s latest campaign. Thankfully for us, she’s not the only star appearing in it. In fact, Skrillex, RL Grime and Metro Boomin also make an appearance.

Personally, we think Skrillex is the real star of the show because not only does he have a cameo, he also made the music for the campaign. It wasn’t confirmed at first that it was his music, but realistically, the sound was so distinct it couldn’t have been anyone else.

Here’s the video Kylie Jenner posted:

@alexanderwangny #wangsquad

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Now the full video has launched, giving viewers a full listen to the song. It’s since been confirmed that it is indeed Skrillex’s work, and the name of the track is “Crown Vic.” YourEDM.com has stated that this is a reference to Skrillex’s track with Vic Mensa, “No Chill.”

Take a look at the full video here:


We’re really digging the whole edgy party vibe going on with it. It’s a really hip direction for Alexander Wang to go, though he’s never really shied away from going wild before. The mansion definitely adds to the luxurious feel, and even though we aren’t really fans of Kylie Jenner, she’s a good pick for representing the whole “rich girl gone bad” vibe.

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Skrillex was a more interesting choice to include. He’s not typically known for being particularly fashionable, but his music and presence does add to that chaotic, party atmosphere. Can you imagine if this video had music from some generic pop star behind it instead of his gritty, thumping beats? It would seem like a bunch of lame high schoolers pretending to be tougher than they are.

Good choice, Alexander Wang. Now can you please release the full song online?

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